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I am a big fan of anything retro and love old games consoles. I collect them, recondition them and then sell them to like minded individuals who enjoy playing on games for this era. Don’t get em wrong I still love my xBox but there is nothing like cracking open a few beers and sticking on Manic Miner or Lunar Jetman. These retro gaming nights are legendary amongst my friends and even the ones that didn’t have an Atari, Commodore 64 or ZX Spectrum enjoy them.

Retailer of the year

I work in retail for one of the big supermarkets and am currently on a management training programme to eventually run my own store. I left school early and the job in the supermarket was my first and only proper job. I enjoy it I work with loads of different people and no two days are ever the same. I have been in my current job for five years now and I can’t imagine working anywhere else.

I have many friends who I met through work and the social element to working with so many people does have its advantages. There is always a birthday or leaving do, a welcome party or event to go to and my social life is all the better for my job. I really enjoy this part of the job and my life be able to go out with lots of different people is great fun.

Retailer of the year

When not working, gaming or socialising I like to play and watch football. From a keeping fit point of view and enjoyment its a win win for me. I play twice a week once for fun the other a match and train one night a week too. Work are great about it and work my shifts around this wherever possible which is most helpful.

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