Helping a friend find the right estate agents Cardiff

List of estate agents in the Heath area of Cardiff

I have offered to help a friend find a flat and so we have both been looking at what estate agents Cardiff have to offer. There are loads to choose from and he asked for me to help check them all out and make a shortlist, which we began a month ago and have just finished.
He is not from the area and has been burnt in the past so when we spoke we decided to thoroughly vet all the potential agents and get a shortlist to eventually meet up with. We started with the obligatory Google search to give us a vast list to go through we also went on all the top ones websites and then looked at the properties they had on the website.
I also had a look at the reviews and the social media pages associated with them. This was very enlightening as many of them had a few really bad reviews and these did put me off a bit. Equally there were a few that seemed a bit too good to be true but the ones that seems to check out made the list.

Once we had our shortlist we both did some mystery calling and asked some questions about some of the places each had on what was interesting here was the variety of feedback and stuff that came back from the different agents. Many sent back irrelevant stuff whilst others sent newsletters property alerts and all manner of things. The list was getting shorter but still quite long!

The last in our systematic look at this was to meet with the few we had left to whittle it down to the agent of choice for my friend. Meeting them did add another dimension it’s all well and good speaking over the phone and emailing people but getting to sit down and chat to people is something completely different. Some we liked, others we didn’t and interesting it was that it wasn’t the same for each of us as one I really liked Joe hated and vice versa. Luckily for both of us was we both agreed that one of the ones we both liked was the one for us.

A big thanks you to them for all their hard work in finding my friend the perfect place and all that is now left to do is help him move in all his stuff and organise a fitting house warming party to get him into the swing of things in Cardiff.

We went to lots but here is where we ended up renting his place from