plaques for gaming awards

I had to order the trophies and plaques

Every year we have our annual gaming awards in Manchester and this year I am organising the engraved plaques for the trophies. We hold this very important event in all of our diaries around Easter time each year. It’s a great way to catch up in the real world although most of us keep in touch online for the rest of the year.
There is about twenty awards that we award from best retro gamer to a classic Manic Miner Boss award which is for a giggle but fiercely contested every year. It is also a great excuse to get wasted and there are always enough funny stories to keep us all amused for the year until we meet up again and someone does something really stupid whilst under the influence.
With plenty of trophies up for grabs we all have a good shout of winning one and this year we have done a cracking deal with the Radisson Blu to make this year a weekend event spectacular.

Local company are engraving the plaques ready

I have commissioned the work now for the trophies and they are with the engraver now and in about three weeks time I will be picking them up ready for the big night. I ended up going with the company I eventually picked as they were easy to deal with and helped me make some decisions I was pondering over. They helped with the design process too as I wanted to add a bit of sparkle to the job and something that had not been done before.
I have added some visuals to the plaques and they were great from the point of view they even came up with the designs for each of the awards. It has cost a bit more than last year but I hope they will have the desired effect and add a bit to the event.

Many hours practice to ensure my names on the plaques

I have put in the hard yards to ensure my names on at least one of the awards. What started out as a bit of retro fun has turned into an obsession of mine. The Spectrum favourite Manic Miner now takes up way to much of my time and effort but I am hoping I can bag the awards then go cold turkey post win. To say its addictive is an understatement and I am guessing I will have the shakes when I hang up my boots on it after April.
For next year we are planning a different retro game award and Escape from Colditz and Lunar Jetman are both early front runners. The vote will take place on the night and then we all have to get a copy and start racking up the high scores.
If you want to join our merry band of gamers get in touch and I will let you know the details and how you could get your name engraved on one of the gamer zone plaques.

Loan had a swaps embedded in it

Accountant found swaps embedded
I was doing my accounts at the end of the year and my accountant has picked up on the detais of a loan I took out with swaps embedded into it. He was going through the year end accounts and mentioned these swaps as a company he was working with had started to make claims against the banks do to new guidelines that the FCA had set out.
He suggested I had a call from this company to check things out and I agreed as he said it was well worth looking at. The loan was taken out when I had the gaming shop in town and at the time I really struggled with the payments which seemed to go up every month.
The guys from the claims company gave me a call and asked me quite a few questions around the loan I took out.

swaps were embedded without me knowing

After about half hour of checking it was certain that I knew nothing about the swaps that were added into the agreement. This practise was widespread and found to be dishonest and so now the banks are having to pay back money they took using these practises. It made me so angry to find out they had done this and especially as they didn’t even tell me what this was about and and the same time I feel a bit silly for not checking it through properly. At the time I really need the loan and everything else was just a side issue.
The claims company said they would start the process of contacting the special team at the bank that was dealing with these types of cases and within a few weeks I heard back and it was good news. The loan did indeed have a mis-selling case and the bank have agreed they want to settle the claim for me.

swaps claim is now going through

The claim against the bank is now being dealt with and it looks like I will be getting a big windfall from the claim. It did take its toll on me at the time and to be frank probably had a big influence in me shutting the shop and so I guess its only fair that they should pay it back and provide adequate compensation for the wrong they did.
It is all a bit out of the blue but very welcome news and since starting the process I have started to see more and more of these stories in the news. It seems that this scandal will be the latest thing to hit the banks and expose the kind of things they were getting up to. Its great they are now being brought to the front pages to shame them into changing these bad ways to do business and hopefully it will lead to a more transparent way of people doing business.
If you had a loan and are not sure if it had swaps embedded in it then give these guys a call and they will check for free